Drake Swissotel

Haig Lighting is quickly becoming one of the world's leading contract design lighting manufacturers. Its experienced engineers and superior designers have set new standards for contract quality. Haig developed its reputation from its flawless brass finish, but has grown to be known for its flexibility in design, boundless custom creations, and experienced lighting consulting and service. The company's consultants work diligently with the designers to unite effect and functionality.

Haig lighting's expertise is not bound by style or function. The company has shown to have the capacity to produce quality lighting for 1000+ rooms and the dexterity to craft a complex pièce de résistance. Metal finishes range from distressed brass to polished chrome and materials include the highest quality crystal, European glass, complex resin and alabaster.

Everyone at Haig Lighting stands strongly behind the product's quality, timelessness and beauty.